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Interviewing Todd Lewis, Chair at All Things Open
We’ve asked a few questions about All Things Open to Todd Lewis
Interviewing Henry Zhu, Project Maintainer at Babel
We’ve asked a few questions about Babel JS to the Project Maintainer Henry Zhu.
Interviewing Blaine Bublitz, Project Lead at Gulp JS
We’ve asked a few questions about Gulp JS to the Project Lead Blaine Bublitz.
Our signed stickers initiative is here!
Interviewing Sean Larkin, Open Source Maintainer at webpack
We’ve asked a few questions on webpack, the JS Foundation and wasm to webpack's Open Source Maintainer, Evangelist and Developer Advocate Sean Larkin.
Interviewing John DeRosa, volunteer Marketing Working Group member at PSF
We’ve asked a few questions about Python and the Python Software Foundation directly to an insider, John DeRosa
Interviewing Thomas Pfeiffer, member of the Board of Directors of KDE e.V.
The KDE Community is an international technology team dedicated to creating a free and user-friendly computing experience. We asked Thomas Pfeiffer (member of the Board of Directors of KDE e.V.) some questions about the KDE Community ongoing projects and future plans.
Interview with Let's Encrypt Director of Communications Sarah Gran
We asked the Director of Communications Sarah Gran a few questions about Let's Encrypt success and future plans.
Interview with Solus' founder Ikey Doherty
The founder of Solus Ikey Doherty tells us more about how the project started and how it will continue to grow.
September donation goes to the Italian Red Cross
A terrible 6-magnitude earthquake shooked the Central of Italy in the early hours of August 24, 2016, causing hundreds of deaths and entire villages erased. We want to give our little contribution to the Italian Red Cross, that has done and is doing an outstanding job in the areas interested by the quake by helping people from the first hours of this tragic event.
April’s donation campaign ended with a roar!
We couldn’t be happier about our April’s Project of the Month campaign results: we raised almost $1300 for the GNOME Foundation (plus $786 for other projects)! As you may already know, the GNOME Foundation promotes the goals of the GNOME Project, thus helping to create an efficient and highly usable free desktop environment software, among other projects.
The Django project is March choice for our donation program
We are very happy to announce that The Django Foundation is the current month beneficiary for our donation program! Django is one of the most revolutionary and accessible open source projects out there and it boasts a truly vibrant and active community around it. You can read more about our support of Django here: Thank you again to the Django community for the very nice blog post and the precious support, also a big thank you to all our customers for making our donation program more effective each day.
February's choice - The Free Software Foundation
We are proud to announce that the first organization to benefit from Unixstickers’ new donation system will be The Free Software Foundation, the very same Foundation that is home to some of the most important initiatives when it comes to promoting Free Software. What is more, the Free Software foundation is not only the organization globally representing free software but, through the years, it has contributed to creating a set of softwares and licensees that have been (and still are) of key importance for the spreading of the movement and its development.
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