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Everyone is covering their webcams and you should, too!
In this age of networking and hacking, everyone is covering their webcams. Find out why.
Unixstickers announces partnership with Sticker Mule
We are thrilled to announce that Sticker Mule, the Internet’s favorite custom sticker printer, is now our exclusive sticker vendor. After working together for over a year, the partnership brings our passion for open source, great customer service and the best quality products closer together.
Ubuntu stickers are finally here
As you already know (we made sure that everyone who stumbles on our website notices this) we've recently closed one of the most important partnership in our history: thanks to a special agreement with Canonical we are finally offering Ubuntu stickers at Unixstickers!
New $HOME for Bash Stickers
This is a guest post by Justin Dorfman. He heads Developer Relations and Open Source outreach at MaxCDN. This year (May 19th 2016) he will be speaking at OSCON in Austin. More info on that below. In late September of 2015 I was looking at the back of my laptop and was irritated. Call it a “first world problem” but I was missing an official sticker that could not be found anywhere in the world because it didn’t exist. The sticker in question was GNU Bash (Bourne Again Shell) and I was determined to make a sticker.
Starting today, we'll donate a significant part of our sales to Free and Open Source Software
The decision we're making today is the most important since 3 years, when Unixstickers got started. Being developers and fans of open source and free software is what motivated us to start this adventure in the first place, and we would have never got this far without passion. We also recognize that our job, our business, and that of most of you would never exist without the existence of those very projects, foundations, organizations and individuals that make open source and free software possible. This is why, after months of evaluation, we're finally taking a stand to support this community.
Fedora stickers are finally here!
We’re on the other side of the fence after a big leap we and we couldn’t be happier: we can proudly say Fedora is now on Unixstickers! What a ride has it been. When our customers make suggestions or requests we always try our best to satisfy them and in this particular case we wanted this to happen more than ever. Indeed, Fedora was one of the most frequently requested stickers (both on our Public Roadmap and even before that via e-mail) and we tried a few times to make it work.
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