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Kit of 3 linux inside square keyboard stickers


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High quality, weather resistant and durable Kit Of 3 Linux Inside Square Keyboard Stickers to give your case the identity it deserves. Your Kit Of 3 Linux Inside Square Keyboard Stickers is printed from a sheet vinyl, covered by a layer of top quality transparent film to protect the ink and improve durability and beauty, then finely cut to follow the shape.

Kit of 3 Linux Inside square keyboard stickers! Get rid of the windows flag with a keyboard sticker!

This sticker is designed to customize your notebook, pc, workstation, server with a professional look and a fresh design (and works perfectly as a webcam security sticker, too!). 

Sticker dimension: 1.1cmx1.1cm
Print: Printed on top quality vinyl with a protective film.
Type: keyboard sticker.
Finish: matte finish.

The Sticker can be removed without tearing. Our stickers do not leave residues on surfaces. is not affiliated with any project its stickers refer to. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

These Die Cut Stickers are made by Sticker Mule. They won't tear or leave a residue when removed.

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