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The Ultimate Linux Mint T-shirt

The Ultimate Linux Mint T-shirt

Corrosion print: our new premium printing technique

When the guys at the small printing factory near Milan, Italy, told us about this new printing technique they were experimenting, in a blink, we fell desperately intrigued. We couldn't resist.

Normally, when printing on a t-shirt, you add a layer of ink on top of the fabric. This creates a plastic film which you try to keep as thin as possible, but is still there.

Corrosion printing is based on a completely different concept. Instead of *adding* ink, you remove the dye from the cotton (which needs to be 100% pure and high quality) and surface the original color of the cotton, which is – depending on *that* cotton – a lighter or stronger shade of browny white. To that area, then, you add the color that you want, which in this case is white.

The result is a t-shirt that feels incredibly soft, has no rigid layers that could make it uncomfortable and resists unaltered to an incredible amount of washes.

As we do with all of our products, all our efforts are dedicated to delivery you an outstanding product that shines in your wardrobe. We're sure you'll enjoy the result :)


The best t-shirt model you can find, the logo of your favourite distro, top printing quality and a paired sticker for free

Continuing on our efforts to make you a happier unix lover, we're proud to announce the ultimate t-shirt for the Linux Mint lover. The number of t-shirt models and print variants that we tried is countless, but we're now happy and relieved to be introducing the top-notch result.



The Ultimate Linux Mint T-shirt

The t-shirt model

We literally tried tens of different models before settling on this one. We like thin necks, great texture and precise sewing. Colors must be bright without looking fake, the texture must be soft but not too heavy. Finally, style can't be that of the '60s, we care about body and sleeves of the right length, fit that's not too large nor too thin, neck of the right thickness.

Size chart 1/2 Chest measured 2.5cm
below armhole
S 49cm / 19.29" 70cm / 27.55"
M 53cm / 20.87" 72cm / 28.34"
L 57cm / 22.44" 74cm / 29.13"
XL 61cm / 24.02" 76cm / 29.92"
XXL 65cm / 25.59" 78cm / 30.70"


The t-shirt print

There are many ways for transferring a design onto a t-shirt, but when you want quality and durability serigraphy is the choice. This technique uses a frame with actual liquid paint being poured on it. The result looks and feels great and lasts forever.


The texture

The t-shirts are made from extra-soft peached-cotton at 150g/m2 (not too heavy, not too light), nothing in common with many plastic-bag t-shirts you can find on the market.



A free sticker with every t-shirt

Every t-shirt comes with a free sticker with the same design and color as the T-shirt. We couldn't resist: wearing the ultimate mint t-shirt is already nice, but wearing it with a paired sticker on the laptop feels really like another level :P


The Ultimate Linux Mint T-shirt in short

  • Unique amazing design
  • Five sizes
  • A free sticker with every ultimate t-shirt
  • Top printing quality
  • Top t-shirt model and texture
  • Regular fit

Preorder now with an amazing offer

The final price for the t-shirt will be $24.99, but we want to celebrate this launch with two amazing offers:

  • The first 3 t-shirts will be sold at $19.99
  • The second 7 t-shirts will be sold at a still whopping $21.99

What you're waiting for then? It's time to hurry up! :D

Unixstickers donates part of the revenues coming from this sticker

By purchasing this item, you contribute with a donation to the Linux Mint.

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