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How to enroll in the unixstickers affiliate/referral program

By following this guide, you'll be able to create a referral link, share it anywhere you want and earn from the purchases that anyone you refer generates.

The way we have set this up is the fastest and most convenient:

  • If you already are a registered user, you'll find a special section in your account. When you navigate to the Referral program section you will find your personal referral link.
  • If you are not registered to unixstickers, you will be able to setup your affiliate account by visiting our affiliation portal page

You can monitor your affiliation stats anytime by visiting and inserting your email (the one you use on unixstickers or to register to the portal page) and click on “Track your rewards” (top right corner).

Earn 15% on your referred customers' orders

By referring customers to unixstickers, you can now earn 15% of their first purchase. Through your referral link, users will also get a $5 coupon that is automatically applied to the cart.



Here are some facts about the referral system:

What is the referral reward?

It’s a cash reward that gives the user 15% of the friend’s referred purchase. The user can receive the reward through PayPal, donate it to a charity of their choice, or send cash (via PayPal) to the person he/she referred.

What purchases count toward a reward?

A friend’s first purchase. This purchase has no minimum price attached to it.

How many referred purchases does it take to get a reward?

Each time a user brings in one referred purchase. No cumulation necessary.

Where can I get that referral link?

You can get your personal referral link in two ways:
- By logging into your unixstickers account (you must be registered with us) and visiting your Referral page
- By logging into our special sharing portal page You can use this page both if you have an account on unixstickers or if you registered a separate account using our sharing portal page.

P.S. please note that by visiting the Referral page under your account you’ll automatically enroll with Referral Candy, who handles the referrals and sends email reminders about your personal campaign.

Where can I find information about my referrals?

You can find your referral stats here: Insert your email (the one you use on unixstickers or used to register at our portal page) and click on “Track your rewards” (top right corner).

How are the referral bonuses paid out?

Referral rewards are delivered once the following conditions are met:

1. You make enough rewardable referred purchases to be eligible for a reward. This condition is met quickly;
2. Depending on the type of referral reward, there may also be an additional delay.

For cash referral rewards (through PayPal or donations) – Cash rewards will only be paid out after ReferralCandy has successfully billed unixstickers. The following sequence of events will result in the cash reward being paid out:

  • You have let ReferralCandy know your PayPal email address
  • Once unixstickers has been charged for the cost of the cash rewards, those cash rewards due to you (either via PayPal or a donation made on their behalf) will be paid out

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